The picture above is a plate of Branola, a granola-like formulation of rabbit safe ingredients and some fresh dandelion greens put there, not only for photogenic benefit, but also because dried dandelion greens are one of the herbs used in the production of Branola.
As a supplement to daily hay and pellet rations, Branola aids in the growth of a healthy coat, good dental formation and digestive function.  Rabbits are naturally prone to stress response to any change in their environment.  Good nutrition can support rabbit health in times of environmental changes and the physical challenges such as adolesent growth, pregnancy, lactation, lack of over-all conditioning, travel and housing changes, shedding and hair growth.  Something so simple as having a new rabbit in the area can be stressful.  Branola may not solve the problems but it can help your rabbit respond to the stresses of every day life with humans.